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Other opportunities for involvement
In addition to the various clubs within the church, there are other opportunities for involvement in the life of the church and in worship. (click on the clipart for photos)
St. John's has a volunteer choir, under the direction of one of our cantors, Art Lazar. Also serving the church as cantor is Michael Dancisin. The choir sings for special liturgies as well as for the Holy seasons of Christmas, Lent, and Easter.  They sing responses in English as well as in Slavonic. The choir also hosts an Epiphany dinner each year a week after Christmas. Anyone who loves to sing is invited to join the choir!
Epistle readers assist in every liturgy, reading an epistle from the Bible during the service. Readers are always needed, and serve to bring the members of the parish into direct involvement with the service. Our epistle readers range in age from teens to adults.  Candle holders are also needed during the liturgies to stand at the front of the church holding candles while scripture is being read.
The advisory board meets monthly to discuss overall operations of the church, and to bring any problems of the parish to the priest. The board is made up of 12 men and women from the church, appointed by the priest, and they are concerned with the overall welfare of the church and it's members. Each advisory board member serves for a term of 3 years. Within the board are various committees which assist the priest in all aspects of the church's operations. Any member of the congregation who is active in the church and in the community would be considered an ideal candidate for membership on the advisory board.
If direct involvement in any of the groups is not your "cup of tea", you can still be involved by attending and/or donating items to the church activities such as spaghetti dinners, the annual church picnic, donut socials, the annual card/bingo party, and other events offered through the year. Members of the church are also invited to join in Memorial services at the cemetery, the annual pilgrimage to Uniontown, an annual trip to Kennywood, special services at the Holy Trinity Monastery, occasional adult education classes, as well as special events in conjunction with the G.C.U. lodge #109. Upcoming activities are always listed in the bulletin, as are opportunities to donate items or to volunteer for events.